What happens at an asbestos inspection?

Do I Need One?

It depends on your state and locale. Some locales do not require their technicians to be accredited when they do asbestos testing. They just require them to go through the proper training and know-how to protect themselves and their clients. Other states do require a complete comprehensive background certification and training on asbestos inspections.

You should still make sure that any technician that comes in is trained and accredited. Asbestos is a serious matter. The last thing you want is for someone unqualified looking at your property.

What About Home Inspectors?

The ironic thing is, that home inspectors are not technically supposed to check for asbestos. Some states consider that damage to the home before buying, selling, or renovating.

It is one of those technicalities that the executives use to push the job to someone else.

What If I Do Notice Damage To My Home?

The best thing to do is have an asbestos test and inspection done before it is too late, particularly, if you notice damage on your property. You cannot assume that it could have come at any time.

You can either get an Asbestos Screening or a Limited Asbestos Survey. The first one is when you get samples and have them sent to the lab for results. That is usually authorized by the people doing the asbestos testing.

You can also get the Limited Asbestos Survey. The name is very misleading. This test is one of the more comprehensive asbestos tests done. It will include everything from the Association for Computing Machinery(ACM) to building damage.

These tests should be conducted every six months to a year.

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