Does your premises need asbestos surveying? You need this sort of inspection for various reasons, including health, real estate resale, home improvement, and so on. Understanding the process will help you determine if your surveyor is doing an excellent job or not. With what these services cost nowadays, you can’t sit back idly and let a supposed professional ruin your project. Worst of all, create health hazards for you and those closest to you.


Where To Survey?


The first thing your surveyor should do is establish potential asbestos sites. These contractors conduct surveys based on the environment; for example, you have protocols for pre-refurbishment, pre-demolition, and comprehensive management plans. Each survey type involves its respective set of inspection criteria, some being more intrusive than others.


Inspectors generally do a preliminary assessment to evaluate risk, identify obstructions, and review plans. With this, your surveyor will also collect possible asbestos samples for verification and proper remediation. Sometimes, the analysis will include mandatory water absorption testing to determine the source of asbestos and density.


Asbestos Air Testing


Sometimes, your survey team will include air testing, which heavily depends on what your assessment report produces. It is a multi-step process, which includes standardized analysis, clearance, reassurance, and background surveys. Your asbestos inspection specialist will provide recommendations where necessary. Why do air testing? It helps to detect any airborne asbestos that might have survived the filtration process.


How To Prepare For Asbestos Surveying?


You should always choose a licensed asbestos remediation contractor. These professionals follow regulatory protocols, use the right tools, technology, and equipment, and ensure safety. It is crucial to schedule an asbestos inspection when your building is vacant. The technicians need to work without obstruction and mitigate health/safety risks as much as possible.


What is more, asbestos carries numerous health risks and can make you sick if you breathe it in. The scope of technical exercises involved are comprehensive and require your full cooperation to make the project a success. Your asbestos remediation will need to access your premises freely to ensure every point receives the attention it needs.

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