Some Simple Tips For Homeowners and Health Inspectors Doing Asbestos Inspections


Asbestos inspections are not to be taken lightly. There are serious health hazards and issues taking place. That is why people always tell you to leave it up to the professionals.


That being said, I have some tips for both the inspectors and the homeowners while an inspection is occurring.




Are you in the process of getting a sample? Make sure no one is in the room who should not be there. That means to hide the pets and/or kids in another room. You should not be there either. The only place you should be is out of the way for the person to do his or her job.




Make sure you have disposable gloves during the process(that is a tip for the home inspectors). I know that you probably already know that, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.


Do not forget to wash your hands afterward. Always wash your hands when in doubt.




Do not disturb the material any more than necessary when getting a sample( that is a tip for the men and women who just became inspectors, especially those who are newly certified). The fieldwork is much different than the classroom. Sometimes you need that small reminder.




Did you place a plastic sheet on the floor of the area you are taking the sample? You might want to think about it. The idea is to protect everything and everyone, including the area you are working at. For some help you may contact loose-fill asbestos taskforce.

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