What is the Loose-Fill Asbestos Taskforce in New South Wales and should you care?

Any home in New South Wales that may have loose-fill asbestos in its insulation material may be subject to the Loose-Fill Asbestos Taskforce.


What is this taskforce and, if you could have this asbestos in a property you own, does it concern you?


What is the Loose-Fill Asbestos Taskforce? -- This is a taskforce that was set up to oversee a program in New South Wales that registers properties contaminated with loose-fill asbestos.


One of the things it is responsible for is making sure any properties that have this type of asbestos in them are labeled as hazardous. Another is that it is charged with making sure contaminated properties are labeled as such on planning certificates.


How this may affect you? -- It depends on if your property is contaminated with this type of asbestos or not.


If you suspect it is, or know it is, the Loose-Fill Asbestos Taskforce are the people you should contact immediately to try to get their help in identifying the type of asbestos in your property.


If it is discovered you do have loose-fill, then the loose-fill asbestos taskforce can tell you what your next steps should be. Some will be mandatory, while others may just be suggestions.


How to get a property tested for asbestos? -- You can contact a company that specializes in this, and ask them to send a technician to test your facility.


Or you can buy a test kit on the Internet, and test your property yourself.


The problem with loose-fill asbestos, however, is that it can be difficult to identify. That is why it may be smarter to have a technician do the testing for you.


Then, if your property is found to be contaminated with loose-fill, you can then contact the Loose-Fill Asbestos Taskforce and ask for help.

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