What is an asbestos inspection, how do you go about getting one and what can you expect when you do?


What is an asbestos inspection? -- This type of inspection is done by a company to prove your home does not have asbestos lurking in it. It may be arranged by you if you are planning on selling your home. It may also be arranged by a potential buyer that wants to be sure your home is asbestos-free before purchasing it.


How long does an asbestos inspection take? -- This does depend on the size of your home. In most cases, however, a typical inspection should take less than an hour.


Once it has been completed, you will then be issued with certification that proves your home is not contaminated with asbestos.


If asbestos is found, however, you will then be given information about some of the companies that can adequately test for it and then make arrangements to remove it for you.


Should you arrange for one? -- Asbestos is a highly dangerous material that should be removed from any home it is found in. It can cause severe health issues to anyone residing in the home, to the extent that it can kill you if inhaled.


This is why it is always recommended you arrange to have an asbestos inspection done. Especially if you suspect you may have asbestos in your home.


If you also live in an area where many homes were insulated with asbestos, you may find most buyers will not even consider purchasing your house until you have proof it is asbestos-free.


If your home was built around the same time as other homes in your area that were contaminated with asbestos, this is also a good reason to arrange for an asbestos inspection. Contact loose-fill asbestos taskforce for more details.

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