What Happens at an Asbestos Inspection and Should You Have One?

What happens at an asbestos inspection of a home, and is it necessary for you to get one?

If you live in an area where houses or apartments were routinely insulated with asbestos just a few decades ago, you could have asbestos in your home. As it is a dangerous substance, you should make arrangements for an asbestos inspection to take place, so that you can find out.

What happens at an asbestos inspection? -- The company you hire will come into your home and check specific areas for asbestos. As they are highly experienced in collecting samples of material that may be asbestos, they know where to look for it.

This usually means they will take samples of materials under sinks, in cupboards and airing cupboards, in attics, under the floorboards and from inner walls. These samples will then be packed correctly, and taken to a testing lab for analysis.

Lab analysis usually takes around 48 hours and, once the test results are available, you will be informed what they are. If it is found your home did have asbestos in it, the company will then explain about your options.

Does asbestos need removing from your home? -- Yes, it does. Asbestos is a dangerous substance that you can breathe in, and that can cause severe breathing problems and other health issues.

This is why any testing company you hire is going to recommend you have it removed from your home as soon as possible. That way, your home can be made completely safe. Thus ensuring, if you decide to sell your home in the future, you will also be able to provide potential buyers with certification that your home is asbestos free.

Make arrangements for your loose-fill asbestos taskforce to take place soon, and then you will be sure you live in a safe home.

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