What is Loose Fill Asbestos and How To Test For It

What is loose fill asbestos

Loose fill asbestos is asbestos that is raw and finely crushed. This type of insulation was used in the 1980s as an insulation in ceilings, primarily in homes. Over a long amount of time, The fibers in the asbestos become hazardous and start moving from the confined space in ceilings and move into the air within the living spaces and are inhaled.

At first, companies thought that simply removing the asbestos from the ceilings would fix the issue until they realized it would take more complete and total disposal methods to entirely get rid of the hazards that the loose-fill asbestos carries. They began putting in place methods to test for loose fill asbestos in order to make sure that the air hazards from the asbestos are rendered completely gone.

How to test your home's air quality to check for loose fill asbestos

It can be a really tricky and even dangerous job to test a home for any hazards that are brought in by loose fill asbestos. For that reason, it is highly recommended that people who are untrained or uncertified/unqualified do not try to test for the asbestos on their own.

The reason it is not recommended by the NSW Fair Trading company is not only because it is dangerous, but because it cannot be seen through visuals alone. Instead, a licensed asbestos assessor must take a small sample and take it to a laboratory to find out if loose-fill asbestos is there or not.

It is a fairly simple process to have the testing done in a home, all it takes is a homeowner to make an appointment with a licensed asbestos assessor who can come in, take a quick sample, and run the tests as fast as they can. Homeowners can visit SafeWork NSW to find a local LAA to perform the test for them. Learn more about loose-fill asbestos taskforce come visit our site.

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